The Eurologos Group

The Eurologos Group

The Eurologos Group is one of the leading multinational companies for translation and multilingual editing. It has agencies on four continents and provides its services (copywriting, translation-adaptation, localisation, interpreting and graphic and web design) where the languages are spoken. Its motto: "relocating multilingual communication production", because all productions can be delocalised, except for multilingual communication production. This is why Eurologos never stops opening new agencies in the biggest economic centres on the planet: where the languages are spoken!

Statement from Franco Troiano, CEO of Eurologos Group:

« The EUROLOGOS Group, that I founded in Brussels in 1977, established its multilingual and multimedia services on the "glocal" principle: the perfect mix of global and local.

The Eurologos Group continues to relocate and localise its contemporary communication services.
Other Eurologos agencies are soon to open in order to ensure that clients receive all high-quality multilingual and multimedia publications on one condition: that they are produced and adapted to the target market where the language is spoken.

More than 90% of world language production is still delocalised!
It defies logic that a huge proportion of global translation is still carried out exclusively in local agencies. So how can a translation agency based in only one country guarantee its client that its multilingual texts and layouts will be genuinely quality controlled?»

The Eurologos agencies in the world.

Eurologos Group. When the idea of « think global, act local » takes shape, only one conclusion can be made: going « glocal ».