Visual Identity


Do you need to create, refresh or standardise your visual identity? Littera Graphis designs your company's visual identity so that it is consistent across the board. Your business is unique, and that's why the studio's work is completely personalised.

Your company's personality and values are displayed through your visual identity which is perfectly adapted to your target markets.

Littera Graphis's experience, through its close collaboration with clients on international markets since 1989, ensures the quality of its products and services, increases your credibility, sets up your popularity and highlights your competitive advantages.

Graphic Charter

The creation of our clients' visual identity always begins at the conception of the logo that best reflects your company's values, attributes and personality.

The Graphic Charter is an essential tool for any business. It groups together all the guidelines for graphic design that make up your company's visual identity. The Graphic Charter ensures the consistency of the graphics throughout all your communication, whose sole objective is for your target audience to identify you more easily.

This document outlines, among other things, the use of the logo, logotype, illustration styles, colours (CMJYK, RGB, Pantone and others), character fonts, and of the graphics in other documents such as headed papers, business cards and brochures.